Faculty E-mail Title
Jeffrey Derr jderr@vt.edu Professor of Weed Science
Laurie Fox ljsmith@vt.edu Horticulture Associate
Chuanxue Hong chhong2@vt.edu Professor of Plant Pathology
Ping Kong pkong@vt.edu Research Scientist in Plant Pathology
Jim Owen jim.owen@vt.edu Assistant Professor of Horticulture
David Sample dsample@vt.edu Assistant Professor, Biological Systems Engineering
Jayesh Samtani jsamtani@vt.edu Assistant Professor of Horticulture    
Peter B. Schultz schultzp@vt.edu Professor of Entomology, Center Director
Staff E-mail Title
Ava Borden aborden@vt.edu Administrative and Office Specialist
Julie Brindley jbrindley@vt.edu Research Specialist Senior
Hélène Doughty hdoughty@vt.edu Research Specialist Senior
Randy Fish rcfish@vt.edu Agricultural Research Supervisor
Adam Nichols adnichol@vt.edu Agricultural Specialist
Jill Rajevich rjill87@vt.edu Lab and Research Specialist
Patricia Richardson paricha2@vt.edu Research Specialist Senior
Lori Robertson losimmon@vt.edu Lab and Research Specialist
Alfred Smith alsmith2@vt.edu Trades and Utilities Senior Worker
Deborah Spence dspence@vt.edu Housekeeping and Applied Services Worker
Thomas Wilchynski maxumsc@vt.edu Trades Technician
Students E-mail Area of Interest
Xiao Yang yxiao9@vt.edu  Plant Pathology
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