Faculty E-mail Position / Areas of Interest
Ramón Arancibia raran@vt.edu Assistant Professor of Horticulture
Mark S. Reiter mreiter@vt.edu Associate Professor CSES
Steven L. Rideout srideout@vt.edu Associate Professor of Plant Pathology
Laura K. Strawn lstrawn@vt.edu Assistant Professor of Food Science
Charles W. Cahoon cwcahoon@vt.edu Assistant Professor of Weed Science
Staff E-mail Position / Areas of Interest
John Mason masonje@vt.edu Lab and  Research Specialist II
James Custis jcustis@vt.edu Agricultural Manager
Thomas E. Hines thhines@vt.edu Lab and  Research Specialist II
Carrie S. Scott carriess@vt.edu Administrative and Office Specialist III
Lauren Peyton Seltzer mlpeyton@vt.edu Executive Secretary Sr.
Jill Pollok jpollok@vt.edu Lab and  Research Specialist II
James Warren jwarren@vt.edu Agricultural Specialist III
Rachel Pfuntner pfuntner@vt.edu Lab and  Research Specialist II
Laura Truitt ltruitt@vt.edu Lab and  Research Specialist II
Jim Jenrette jcjen@vt.edu Lab and  Research Specialist II
Fair Painter, VA: Fair. 69.0 F (20.6 C) 8:55 pm EDT

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