Faculty E-mail Title
J. Christopher Bergh cbergh@vt.edu Professor of Entomology
Mizuho Nita nita24@vt.edu Assistant Professor of Plant Pathology (grapes)
Tremain Hatch thatch@vt.edu Viticulture Research/Extension Associate
Sherif M. Sherif ssherif@vt.edu
Assistant Professor of Pomology
Tony Wolf vitis@vt.edu Director and Professor of Viticulture
Keith S. Yoder ksyoder@vt.edu Professor of Plant Pathology
Staff E-mail Title
Allen Cochran acochran@vt.edu Lab and Research Specialist
Leon Combs lecombs@vt.edu Agricultural Specialist
Jean Engelman jengelma@vt.edu Lab and Research Specialist
Scott Kilmer skilmer@vt.edu Agricultural Specialist
Diana McHenry mchenry@vt.edu
Lab and Research Specialist II
William Royston wiroysto@vt.edu Agricultural Specialist
James Warren  jrwarren@vt.edu Trades Technician
Fair Winchester Regional, VA: Fair. 70.0 F (21.0 C) 9:55 pm EDT

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