Faculty E-mail Position / Areas of Interest
Michael Hans Schwarz mschwarz@vt.edu Center Director, Aquaculture
Robert Munson Lane rlane@vt.edu Extension Specialist, Engineering
Carole R. Engle
Adjunct Faculty, Aquaculture Economics and Marketing
Jonathan van Senten
Postdoctoral Associate, Aquaculture Economics and Marketing
Abigail Villalba villalba@vt.edu Extension Specialist, Muscle Food Safety
Staff E-mail Position / Areas of Interest
Helen Crocker hsutton@vt.edu Lab and Research Specialist II
Gail Jamison gjamison@vt.edu Administrative and Office Specialist III
Stephen Urick surick@vt.edu Lab and Research Specialist II
George A. Wenn wgeorge9@vt.edu Laboratory Specialist
Fair Hampton, VA: Fair. 83.0 F (28.3 C) 6:54 pm EDT

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